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I've written several guides based on my own personal experiences to help provide encouragement and insight for YOU! Find each of those resources along with some of my favorite toxin-free brands below. 

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In 2018, I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease, interstitial cystitis. Over the course of 3 years, I made 8 significant lifestyle changes that led to the complete healing of my disease. I have been living in remission for years now, thanks to these 8 foundations of health.

This guide is for you if:

  • you are dealing with any level of chronic illness, including anything from cancer to Lyme disease to allergies

  • you want to maintain a healthy holistic lifestyle for yourself and your family

  • conventional medicine has failed you in your pursuit of healing

  • you want easy, actionable steps to follow

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This guide is for you if:

  • You are new to the topic of toxins and feel a little overwhelmed

  • You have a chronic illness and need help starting the healing journey

  • You want EXACT steps on how to read labels and swap toxic products in your home for safe ones

  • You are pregnant or thinking about pregnancy and want to make your home a safer environment for yourself/children

PTF's Table of Contents:

  • Introduction

  • Important Info That You Don't Want to Skip

  • The Biggest Red Flag

  • Room One: Bathroom

  • Room Two: Kitchen

  • Room Three: Laundry Room

  • Room Four: Living Spaces

  • Shopping List

  • Research & Resources


Hey parents-to-be,

If you're looking for an all-in-one guide on how to create a baby registry that is free of toxins that could harm your sweet new baby, this is the Ebook for you!

This extensive guide educates on what materials/ingredients to watch out for in popular baby products and why, what materials and ingredients are safest and why, and what some of the best, high-performing brands are for safe baby products (plus, check out the list of all the things I have on my personal registry for baby #2!).

No need to do endless hours of research - I've already done it for you!


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