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Are you a small business looking for a facelift? Or an entrepreneur starting a new endeavor and looking for unique, fresh branding?


Look no further.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Taylor University, I have a background in both fine art and digital design. Branding is what really makes my heart jump with excitement – logos, print work, website, branding guides, and more! My specialty lies in clean, modern designs. I will only accept a handful of clients each year so be sure to inquire as soon as you know what your biz is looking for!


Cornerstone sketches.jpg

The very first thing I want to know is all about you and your business! – What are your goals? What words would you use to describe your company? Who is your target client? – Then, after an initial meeting to discuss what type of design(s) you want, I will work to create a variety of sketches that demonstrate your business both emotionally and visually. You will have the chance to look at the sketches, give feedback, and pick one or two to use moving forward.

website design logos-08.jpg

We'll work and rework the best logo idea until it's EXACTLY what you want. No second guessing. Once your main design is completed, I'll either finish up by sending you all the versions of that design you need in a variety of file types (PDF, PNG, .ai), or we'll move on to other branding pieces. 

Next, maybe your branding idea calls for an awesome pattern to be used on your packaging or on your website. No problem. (This particular pattern was created by taking a piece of bread, covering it in ink, stamping it on paper, scanning the stamp, digitalizing the scan, and creating a pattern. )


If you're wanting some killer stationery, I've got ya covered. Business cards, letterheads, custom envelopes... If you can think it up, I can make it. 

IMG_7545 copy.jpg

Or maybe you're in need of a website that will draw in customers? Not a problem. I can work with website interfaces and also do custom code. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-15 at 3.57.07 PM.jpg

And that's where we wrap up – with a stunning new logo, print work, website, and possibly more! The options are truly endless. 

Give your business the look it deserves.

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