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The perfect Lightroom Classic preset for any lighting scenario. Create a dreamy, warm, perfectly exposed image every single time with this gorgeous preset. Designed to be used on RAW files, not JPEG.

I've been a professional photographer since 2017, and I got tired of constantly switching between presets because one that worked in a certain lighting situation wouldn't work in another. I decided to set my sights on creating the perfect Lightroom Classic Preset that would work on every single photo, in every single lighting situation, every time. And after 2 years of tweaking and updating and perfecting, the Infinity Preset was born.

This preset is NOT designed to be a one-click preset. This preset is perfect for you if you're happy to spend a bit of time with the sliders in each different lighting scenario. And if you've got a bunch of images all the with the same lighting? Get the sliders exactly how you want them on the first image, then copy and paste the settings onto the rest of the images. Bingo.

**Want to see more before + afters? Check me out on instagram @kristenvangilsephoto, or email 1-2 high-resolution RAW photo files to, and I'll send you back an edited version using the Infinity Preset!**

Please reach out with any questions! I can't wait to hear how much you love the Infinity Preset.



Below you can find the YouTube tutorial on how to edit using my Infinity Preset for Lightroom Classic!

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